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Cure for bags under the eyes and dark circles

Best dark circles cream Read about products that cure dark circles here

There are basically three ways people seek to cure bags and dark circles under the eyes:

1. Cosmetic/facial surgery

2. Products specifically for dark circles under the eyes

3. Treating the symptoms one by one

We'll tell you right now - we think the best option is #2, because there are some exceptional products that work really well to cure bags and dark circles under the eyes. Nonetheless, for those of you who want to know your options, we'll outline and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of these three methods of dealing with stubborn dark circles.

Surgery as cure for bags under the eyes and dark circles

Some people have been driven to surgery to get rid of those ugly bags and circles. Surgical procedures using lasers seek to rejuvenate the deeper collagen layers of the skin, smoothing and thickening the skin. Another procedure, blepheroplasty, trims the excess skin under the eyes and tightens the skin to help get rid of bags.

Pros: Effective on bags and dark circles. A total, if drastic, solution.

Cons: Extremely expensive. Recovery period during which you won't want to let anyone see your face. Dangers of surgery.

Bottom line: Surgery is effective but, due to expense and long recovery time, is out of the reach of most people. You should only try surgery if you've tried everything and nothing at all works.

Skin care products for bags and dark circles

The latest skin care products specifically designed to treat dark circles under the eyes work quickly and effectively. They also have a gradual cumulative effect by strengthening the capillaries under the skin that cause dark circles in the first place - thus helping you to avoid the dark circles of the future.

The products reviewed on this website are thousands of times better than the old "eye creams" that claim to be able to dry up those bags and circles. And using an eye serum to actually reduce dark circles seems like a much better solution than constantly covering them up with foundation. At least, it does to us.

Pros: Fast-acting. Helps prevent future dark circles. Far less expensive than surgery. Contains other nourishing and moisturizing compounds. A total solution.

Cons: Somewhat expensive. Only completely eliminate dark circles and bags over time.

Bottom line: Buy it! If dark circles and bags are a problem you wake up with every morning, try a dark circle eye serum ASAP. You'll be glad you did.

Home remedies for bags under the eyes and dark circles

This site provides a number of home remedies for dark eye circles that have been proven by time and thousands of women to effectively diminish dark circles and bags. These home remedies are inexpensive and you can usually put something together in time to get ready for work or a date. But home remedies simply aren't as powerful as the products evaluated on this site.

Pros: Inexpensive. Convenient. Easy to improvise.

Cons: Not as powerful as specific products. They really sting when you get them into your eyes. Cannot completely eliminate bags and dark circles. Not a total solution.

Bottom line: While good enough for emergencies, home remedies aren't a total solution for bags under the eyes and dark circles.

Our advice

Don't opt for surgery first. Home remedies are good for emergencies and right-now help, but if dark circles and bags are a regular sight in the mirror, check out one of the products for treatment of dark circles and bags. Read our recommendations and get the product that's right for you.

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