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About Us

Lisette Miranda

Hello! We're the dynamic duo of Mrs. Lissette Jenkins (left) and Ms. Miranda Cohen (right). We're both involved in the beauty industry and we're passionate about cosmetics and beauty products. The scientific developments of the last few years have put some incredible tools in our hands! It used to be that you needed to make appointments and consult with dermatologists and aestheticians in order to get your hands on the really good beauty products. These days, you can walk into a department store or just shop online and have nearly-miraculous products delivered to your door!

We focus on dark circles because dark under-eye circles are such a common problem. Dark circles are misunderstood. Because they're frequently caused by genetic factors beyond your control, it's difficult to treat them. Fortunately, the latest dermatological science puts some outstanding tools right in your hands. You can get rid of dark circles, under-eye bags and puffiness with the right products. No surgery, no injections, no appointments and no recovery time. Isn't science amazing?

About Lissette

Lissette is a licensed aesthetician in Fort Lauderdale. She personally tests dozens of advanced products every year. She works with many clients who use cutting-edge products every day. In a sense, Lissette's every workday is a giant experiment in which beauty products work and which don't. 

About Miranda

Miranda spent many years working behind department store cosmetics counters in Boca Raton. Since leaving the world of retail, she has been trained as a massage therapist and skincare consultant. She calls herself a "beauty junkie" and spends a significant portion of her time and money researching new dermatological and cosmetic discoveries. Every month you can find her at the University of Miami campus library perusing the latest issues of the journal "Advances In Skin And Wound Care" and the "Journal of Dermatology."

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We make a little bit of money from affiliate commissions -- about enough to pay hosting and bandwidth fees. This website still qualifies as a "labor of love" for both of us.

Our affiliations and commissions don't affect our reviews and rankings of products. Your trust is worth a lot more to us than any commission. Some manufacturers offer big bucks to websites like this to rate their product number one. We politely decline. Giving honest advice about what really works for us and people we talk to is much more important than making quick bucks. 

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