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Home Remedies for Dark Eye Circles

AddThis Social Bookmark ButtonBest dark circles creamDark eye circles can be effectively diminished somewhat with home remedies. These remedies can be even more effective when combined with products for dark circles. By themselves, home remedies will not be as effective as the latest products developed by scientists and dermatologists - but they're way better than leaving the house when you look like you've gone twelve rounds in a boxing ring.

Please be cautious when applying anything to the sensitive skin around the eyes. If you accidentally get a few drops of lemon juice in your eye, not only will you have dark circles, you'll also have an unsightly, staring, bloodshot eye, too. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive so don't rub, scratch or exfoliate enthusiastically.

Now, onto the remedies for dark eye circles!

dark circles

Cucumbers for Dark Eye Circles

This may sound too cliche to be true, but slices of cucumber (or cucumber juice) applied to the skin around the eyes can help reduce the appearance of dark circles. Cucumber slices help to lighten the skin and also have a soothing, refreshingly cool sensation when applied. (Yes, we have tried this at home.) Lay down with the cucumber slices on your eyes for at least 5 minutes, up to 10 minutes. Set an alarm if you're getting ready for work, because you don't want to have to explain to your boss why you were late.

Cucumbers don't just help dark eye circles - they also help soothe your eyes after a long day of staring at the computer screen. But if you get cucumber juice in your eyes, they'll sting like crazy. So be careful.

If you don't have a cucumber in the house, try using slices of potato. They work almost as well.

Vitamin E for Dark Eye Circles

This nifty little remedy for dark eye circles works very well for some people, and not at all for others. Take a Vitamin E capsule and carefully pierce it with a pin or needle. Dab a bit of the oil on your fingertip and pat it into the skin under your eyes. This remedy can help reduce dark eye circles and puffiness as well.

When you're done, swallow the rest of the capsule with a glass of water.

The Indian Remedy for Dark Eye Circles

This recipe comes from an acquaintance, a fashion model in India. She uses this particular preparation on her dark circles every morning before covering them up with a thick concealer.

You will need:

Mash these ingredients together into a medium-thick paste and dab it under your eyes. After fifteen minutes, wash the paste away. This should lighten the dark circles and address puffiness to some degree.

Tea for Two

For some reason, dark eye circles can't abide an old tea bag. Take a used tea bag (black, green or white), after it has cooled, and apply it to the skin under your eyes. Lay down while you do this - otherwise, it's hard to get the tea bag to stick. Leave in place for about 10 minutes. Make sure the tea bag is somewhat dry because if it's too moist, irritating tea can get into your eyes, which can make you look like you've been crying.

Herbal tea bags aren't recommended, except for chamomile. Chamomile tea bags can help reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

The cold washcloth

When washing your eyes after using any of these remedies for dark eye circles, use a washcloth soaked in cold water. Cold water helps to constrict the blood vessels under the eyes and can also reduce puffiness.

Other Remedies for Dark Eye Circles

  1. Drink more water. 8-10 glasses per day, no excuses. Water helps to cleanse your body of impurities, which can contribute to dark eye circles.
  2. Stay out of the sun. If you're going to be outside, use a sunscreen to avoid making those dark eye circles darker.
  3. Are you allergic to something? Dark eye circles, especially in children, are sometimes a sign of an allergy. If you suspect you may be allergic, talk to your doctor.
  4. Invest in one of the products for dark circles under the eyes. This doesn't really belong on the list of remedies for dark eye circles - because today's products are cures rather than remedies. Yes, they really do work - and can really change the face that's looking back at you in the mirror.

If you haven't tried one of these products, and dark eye circles are a real problem for you, you should try one today. You won't regret it.

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