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Dark under eye circles - why you have them

Best dark circles cream Learn about the physiological basis of dark under eye circles

The main reason you have dark under eye circles is heredity. The same way you can inherit ugly varicose veins, dark under eye circles are usually an inherited trait. Actually what you inherit is the predisposition to have weakened capillaries in the skin around your eyes. You can also inherit transparency of the skin, which makes the dark under eye circles look darker.

And, of course, the paler your skin is, the darker those under eye circles look. (Thanks, Mom.)

Tanning and dark under eye circles

Did you know that tanning can make dark under eye circles even worse? It's true.

Tanning is caused by melanin, your skin's pigment. Exposure to the sun increases your natural melanin levels and draws the melanin to the surface of the skin, making it darker. Unfortunately, this same principle applies to the skin under your eyes, too. So tanning, or any exposure to the sun at all, can make those dark under eye circles even darker.


Other causes of dark under eye circles


Allergies can cause dark under eye circles in two ways. First, the allergic reaction itself can cause smudges in the under eye area. Second, any condition that causes you to rub your eyes can make dark circles worse because scratching or rubbing can actually darken the skin. Remember, it's very delicate, so be gentle with your skin.

Fatigue or inadequate rest

Well, it's not directly related to dark under eye circles. But being tired generally makes your skin paler. And pale skin makes dark circles look darker, and also allows the dark pigmentation to be seen more easily.


We're sorry to have to add this one to the list... but, as you get older, the skin around your eyes can become even thinner. Dark under eye circles are likely to become more and more pronounced as you age.

Pregnancy and/or menstruation

Frequently, your skin becomes pale during pregnancy and menstruation. So the dark circles look darker and are more easily seen.

Inadequate nutrition

If you're not eating a balanced and healthy diet, a lack of key nutrients can cause dark under eye circles.

Okay, now that you know why you have dark under eye circles, learn how to get rid of them. Or read about home remedies.

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