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Under Eye Puffiness Tips

Under eye puffiness is a temporary condition caused by fluids that build up in the areas under your eyes as you sleep. Though they go away after a while, they are troublesome because they can make you look old and tired in the morning when you should look refreshed and ready to take on your day.

If puffiness plagues you, follow these tips and say goodbye to puffy eyes.

Apply a cold compress to your eyes

If you've got ten extra minutes in the morning, try applying a cold compress to your eyes while standing up. The cold will encourage drainage while standing will ensure that the built-up fluid has somewhere do go.

Cold spoons also work for under eye puffiness

Before you go to bed at night, put a couple of spoons in the refrigerator. In the morning, hold the spoons to your eyes for a few minutes. Because metal can get colder than your average wet towel, this method works a little faster. The down side is that the spoons can feel too cold, and this can make the regimen a bit hard to stick to.

Keep your eye serum in the refrigerator

This is a tip I got from my sister, who always looks like a million bucks. It's as simple as storing your favorite eye gel or serum in the refrigerator and applying it every morning after your shower. Most serums have cooling effects of their own (our eye serum contains cucumber extract and Aloe Vera gel) and keeping it in the refrigerator magnifies them.

Cucumbers and tea bags for under eye puffiness

You're probably head that cucumbers and tea bags work to reduce puffiness, and this is true. The problem with using these methods strictly for puffiness reduction is that you have to be lying on your back in order to rest the treatment on your eyes, and this hinders drainage. If you're trying to eliminate dark circles, try home remedies like cucumbers. If you're trying to eliminate bags, grab the tea bags.

The tapping method for under eye puffiness

This is as easy as tapping lightly on the delicate skin under your eyes from the inside corner to the outside. While this method requires little time or preparation, the results are not as effective as some of the other methods listed here.

Adjust the way you sleep to avoid under eye puffiness

If you want to target the cause of under-eye puffiness, try changing the way you sleep. Elevate your head with one or two pillows (depending on their thickness) and sleep on your back. This will ensure the fluid that usually pools in the area under your eyes can drain as you sleep - eliminating puffiness at its source!

Drink water to avoid under eye puffiness

It almost sounds too easy, but serious puffiness could be a result of too much sodium, which causes dehydration. If you really want to target those puffy eyes from the inside, reduce your intake of fast and processed foods, which are loaded with sodium, among other bad-for-you ingredients, and down some water.