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Hair Repair Product Promises Beautiful Results

Best dark circles cream As editor of this Web site and other health-related Web sites, I'm always on the lookout for excellent beauty products. I recently found an amazing hair repair product that actually restructures the hair follicle from the inside out, repairing damaged follicles and making hair lustrous, silky and soft.

It's called H2 Ion and it uses ionic technology to restructure the ionic clusters of water molecules inside the hair, sending moisture to the core of every strand, and sealing broken cuticles. H2 Ion also contains something called Moisture Infusion Microbeads that dissolve with the heat from the hair dryer, fusing each strand with moisture. It made my dry frizzy hair soft and beautiful. And, because H2 Ion is heat-activated, it turns something that used to be public enemy #1 (my hair dryer) into my secret weapon.

Dark Circles

But I only kept H2 Ion a secret for about a day - why should I have all the fun?

I called my sister in Utah, who also has dry frizzy hair, and told her that she had to order some. She was reluctant at first - she has three kids and hates to "splurge" on herself - but I convinced her to give it a try and a few days later she was hooked! "This H2 Ion's good stuff!" she said. "I wish they made something for my skin!"

Unfortunately ionic technology is only used in a few hair products - mostly styling tools like hairdryers and flat irons, which use ionic technology to actually draw moisture out our hair, making for faster drying time. These products are apparently very popular among stylists (maybe because they get you out of the chair faster!)

So sorry Donna - until they find a way to use ionic technology on our skin, we'll have to stick with plain old moisturizer!